How we work

Quality comes first.

The service model of Antares Relocation adopts the best practices of any consulting project, where the specific needs and circumstances of the client determine the contents, timing and budget of the service delivered. Our consultants analyze each case with both the client company and the transferring family to make sure that the service adapts perfectly to their needs. Depending on the situation, Antares Relocation can take over the responsibility of the entire transfer, or apply its expertise on more specific aspects of the move.

Our goals:

  • Add value to client's expatriation project optimizing the resources invested in each transfer (time, money, talent).
  • Minimize the disruptions on the transferring company's core business facilitating personal logistics of the international assignee.
  • Speed up the integration of the transferring employees and their families in the new location.
  • Maintain excellent service standards at all levels and under any circumstances.
  • Create and maintain fluent communication channels, both in-house and with our clients.
  • Accumulate knowledge and share it with our clients to their benefit.
  • Create win-win relationships with our clients.
  • Apply a warm and personalized touch in all our acts.

Service as a project

An international transfer involves certain elements that need to be considered before entering the operational level.

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Added value

The service concept of Antares Relocation adds value to your expatriations.

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Code of ethics

At Antares Relocation, we believe in ethical business conduct.

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Relocating with family

Their point of view.
Relocating with family, and especially with smaller children, makes the process more complicated if the needs of the youngest family members are not taken in account from the very beginning. At Antares Relocation we pay special attention to the relocating children, understanding the importance of their wellbeing. Happy children make happy parents.

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International destinations

Worldwide cover with local support.
Antares Relocation manages mobility projects from Spain to other destinations. You can trust us with your international transfer wherever the host destination will be, as all our relocation and immigration services are available worldwide.

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