Relocation services

Welcome to your new home

New job, new destination, new home… Stress free

Our team will take care of all the steps of the relocation process for a smooth and easy landing in the new destination. This will allow the transferee to focus on what really matters.  

Setting up a new home

We help select a suitable property according to the needs and preferences of the transferee and family. We review and negotiate the lease terms set up the necessary utility services, keeping the interest of customers at heart and simplifying the settling-in process for them.

Turnkey comfort

We help to select and book temporary accommodation solutions covering the housing needs for a short term stay or until a permanent solution is found.

Exploring the new destination

We help the assignee get acquainted in the new destination by showing them and sharing with them information of new possible neighbourhoods and places of interest, types of properties, stores, transport infrastructure, schools, services etc. Sharing all relevant and accurate information is the key to manage the expectations of the employee and facilitate the integration into the new life.

Building the future for the little ones

We advise the families on the best schooling options according to their needs and preferences. We accompany them to school interviews and coordinate the enrolment process.

Walking side by side

Moving to a new a place of residence means a new beginning also for the spouse. By a customized coaching program, we help the spouse to engage with a meaningful project, continue studying or job search.

A new language, a new mindset

Mastering the local language is an essential asset for the transferee, both in professional and personal life. Our flexible learning solutions are adapted to match the profile, level, and availability of the client.

A new perspective

We help the assignee and their family to face the cross-cultural differences between home and host countries to facilitate the adaptation in the new cultural context. We cover items like lifestyle, customs and habits, codes of conduct, non-verbal communication, etc.

Closing chapters

When the assignment comes to an end, we assist the employee with terminating the lease agreement, cancelling any services which were contracted at the beginning of the stay and getting de-registered. We attend the check-out from the property, document the departure inspection and help to recover security deposits.


We provide customized support to attend to any specific needs the transferee and the family may have. Need to lease a vehicle or exchange the driving license? Find a nanny or swimming classes for the children? Just let us know.