Immigration services

On the right side of the law.

Depending on the country of origin, a proper study of the immigration requirements is of utmost importance when organizing an international transfer. Poor information can lead to frustration and expense which, in the worst of cases, may not be reversible. Support by specialized immigration professionals is of utmost importance. Our immigration team analyzes the specific circumstances of each project to offer the optimized legal solution.


  • Registration of EU-Citizens.
  • Application for Fiscal Identification Number (NIE).
  • EU Residence Card (for the EU citizen family.)


  • Work and Residence Authorization.
  • Self-employment Work Authorization.
  • Residence Authorization for accompanying family member.
  • Application for Fiscal Identification Number. (NIE)
  • Renewal of Work and Residence Authorization.
  • Family Regrouping.
  • Assistance with police clearance.
  • Legal assistance at the consulate.
  • Re-entry permit.
  • Declaration of entry.
  • Stay extension / Visa Extension.


  • Registration at the consulate.
  • Town Hall Registration.
  • Social Security Registration.
  • Registration with the public health care system. (medical card)
  • Driving License exchange / registration.


  • Business visitor visas.
  • Departure procedures.
  • Legalization of official documents.
  • Employment record certificate.
  • Criminal record certificate.
  • Birth / Marriage certificate.
  • Tax Registration.
  • Obtaining official documents (any country).
  • Invitation letter.
  • Social Security Certificate of Coverage.
  • E-101 Form.
  • E-301 Form.
  • Spanish tax regime for resident expatriates.
  • Obtaining official certificates at Unique Civil Registry.
  • Obtaining official certificates at Other Civil Registry.
  • Apostille of the Hague Convention.
  • Validation of foreign diplomas.
  • Legalized translations of official documents.
  • Vehicle importation and registration.
  • Others.

Relocating with family

Their point of view.
Relocating with family, and especially with smaller children, makes the process more complicated if the needs of the youngest family members are not taken in account from the very beginning. At Antares Relocation we pay special attention to the relocating children, understanding the importance of their wellbeing. Happy children make happy parents.

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International destinations

Worldwide cover with local support.
Antares Relocation manages mobility projects from Spain to other destinations. You can trust us with your international transfer wherever the host destination will be, as all our relocation and immigration services are available worldwide.

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