Added value

The service concept of Antares Relocation adds value to your expatriations.

  • Flexibility:

    We cover just as much as you wish – and a little bit more.

  • Result orientated service model:

    We establish together the service goals and we work with you as a team to achieve them.

  • Service delivered by experts:

    We are qualified professionals at all levels of the company sharing a common service culture and values.

  • Services supported by technology:

    We work with latest on-line platforms to share all the information in real time, both in-house and with our clients.

  • Measured quality:

    We measure our performance and share the result with our clients with total transparency.

  • Integrated processes:

    We coordinate the different processes included in an international move the way that the synergies between them can be fully benefitted.

  • Continuity of the relationship:

    We don't forget about the client once the service has been delivered. You can count on us to remind you of any important milestones during the assignment (lease and permit renewals, etc.).

  • Shared knowledge:

    When we learn something we consider of your interest, we share the information with you. Make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list or follow us on (social media buttons).

Relocating with family

Their point of view.
Relocating with family, and especially with smaller children, makes the process more complicated if the needs of the youngest family members are not taken in account from the very beginning. At Antares Relocation we pay special attention to the relocating children, understanding the importance of their wellbeing. Happy children make happy parents.

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International destinations

Worldwide cover with local support.
Antares Relocation manages mobility projects from Spain to other destinations. You can trust us with your international transfer wherever the host destination will be, as all our relocation and immigration services are available worldwide.

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